Our camp in 2024

The Sounding City Summer School offers its 4th iteration in August 2024. As we have done before, we will again cover aspects of sound studies and urban studies and how these fields connect and engage citizens with more-than-human actors in the urban environment.

This year the topic/subheading of the Sounding City Summer School is THE WATERS WITHIN AND WITHOUT.

The summer school will additionally introduce participatory audience engagement and how public space can be a space for democratizing processes.

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Sounding City takes place from the 29th of July to the 19th of August 2024.

The summer school spans over three weeks. The first week is online while the last two weeks are on location in Struer, the City of Sound, in Western Jutland.

In 2024 we will focus on the city, the citizens how we live with the waters within the city and ourselves, and how we live with the sea and the ocean. Struer, where we will stay for 2 weeks of summer school offers particularly great opportunities to discover how water is a similar part of our life as humans, citizens and inhabitants of landscapes – Struer is situated at Limfjorden which has its own micro-climate and a UNESCO-protected landscape, and the city plans for a new harbour environment, at the brink of the fjord. Struer is part of an old Limfjord-culture, which includes heritage crafts and knowledge of how to live with the sea and has inspired artists – also in sound art.

The focus of the summer school will be on how residents in urban quarters and wilding environments may interact with and through soundscapes and sonic interventions and how the summer school participants may bring the understanding of such audiences/users/residents into the conceptualizing, development and production of digital and analogue sound pieces and stories for urban and landscape placemaking and everyday life.

Students will be introduced to theories of soundscapes and placemaking and how to listen to and engage with human, multispecies and nature environments. Students will be able to examine and analyze sound productions and public spaces, and also to fieldwork and field recording methodologies, working additionally with on-site interview techniques as well as with design thinking, creative and maker processes.

Sounding City Summer School consists of an online introductory section (a series of sessions, discussion and workshops based on reading recommendations to be studied before the Summer school starts) and two weeks in August on-site in Struer, during which participants will meet and work with sound art labsters, museum curators, municipal stakeholders, audiences and residents on urban challenges for which they will conceptualise, test, prototype and present a sonic solution and/or intervention to raise awareness.

The stay in Struer will end with the opening of an exhibition as well as with a presentation session with local stakeholders.

The partners of Sounding City

Sounding City Summer School is offered in partnership with Struer Sound Art Lab, where the summer school will be taught on-site during August, and we will engage with City of Sound and Struer municipality and local organisations and stakeholders to understand, collaborate and co-create for the City of Sound.

Sounding City Summer School is planned and organised in collaboration with a wide range of exciting partners and stakeholders who all contribute to making the course a truly special experience. Our partners are: